The Great Eclipse


Edit: Post covering my experience here. Spoiler alert: I missed it because of a cloud.

‘I’ve never been so excited to not see something in my life’.


Back in 1999 when I was 10 years old, I basically dragged my family to Cornwall (right at the south of England) because there was a total eclipse. Clearly this was stupid – being in Britain, it was completely cloudy and we didn’t see anything.

Tomorrow on the 21st of August 2017 there is another total eclipse, as anyone reading this probably knows. It spans across all of North America and will be the most watched eclipse in history. I was desperate to go along and see it. But that would be crazy. Flying across the Atlantic and then driving 1000 miles…nah that’s not worth it…


Except it totally is! Yep, I’m posting this from Nashville where Hannah and I have just arrived. It’s the biggest city on the route of the eclipse and I’ve bought my telescope along. Tomorrow I’m going to be trying my absolute best to photograph the eclipse (through the telescope) I can’t make any promises but I’ll be posting everything right here.

With any luck I’ll have photos and probably some sciency stuff up by tomorrow evening (UK time). So come back here to check it out.


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